Sunday Special…..I’ve Got Gambling Money

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Ok, I know the title doesn’t quite sound like a Sunday topic, but hopefully by the end it will all make sense.   So here goes.


A few years back David Letterman did his show live in Las Vegas.  During the monologue he told this joke.  He said a man approached him on the street and asked if he could have $20.00 to buy some food.  David asked him “How do I know you won’t go out and use this money for gambling?”   To which the man replied, “Oh, I’ve got gambling money.”


I thought about that story as I was preparing the Sunday Special today.  I wonder how many of us do that with our own money when it comes to church?  We certainly have money for all our own needs and wants, but we separate out the money God wants.


It’s a shame that every church/congregation struggles with getting God’s people to give God’s money.  It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard.


We are asked to take care of one another, to give to God’s work and to understand that all we have is because he allows us to have it.  But we are still talking about gambling money.  It’s Not Rocket Science…It’s Rocket Science Made Easy.


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